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Originally Posted by steve gs
...The comfort issue is a little trickier. I have a 30" inseam and consider the seat to peg height at my minimum....
I am 5'-10" and while I have ridden the wife's DR-200 in the woods, it is way WAY too small. My knees were up towards my chin. Transitions from sitting to standing sucked.

It is okay for riding around town on the pavement (no need to get up off the seat) but the bike is too small for woods riding. Also, the suspension is eak for trail use. On dirt roads it would be okay, but not in the rocks. I found the front suspension very harsh, probably because I was using up too much of the softer part of the suspension travel just geting on the bike. Compared to my DRZ it was awful.

For a taller person, KLX-250 dualsport. We have full-sized guys in our club who ride those.
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