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good news, everyone!

i can fit two cans of guinness in the small chase harper bag i bought for the bike!

i've put about 250 miles on since getting the bike last week. once i hit 100 miles the engine seemed to smooth out a bit. and frankly, i'm not one of those break-it-in-too-gently sort of guys.

i hit as many dirt roads as i could last weekend, just to get my legs back for that sort of thing. there was gravel, hard packed dirt, loose (but shallow) dirt, and mud (though no standing water). i was feeling pretty good about things

today i mapped the backroads path to work, in case i decided to commute occassionally with this bike. sweet merciful crap! i got into some loose, deep dirt and the ass-end was trying to swap places with the front. after gracelessly recovering from that, i about worked up a 30mph high-side when i over-corrected riding in some deep hard ruts.

alright, i said to myself, don't get cocky.

ooooh, look! deep mud with standing water! how bad could that be?

why, pretty bad, thanks!

i kept it up, but i'm sure there was no skill involved on my part.

so with my ego in check, i've learned that you can put some really strong input into the handlebars to keep things vertical and not to think that i'm going to float over any obstacle in the road.

i did drill out the plug over the pilot and back it out about 1/4 turn. this has been standard procedure on all of the carbed bikes i've had in the past. at first i was unimpressed with my efforts, but once the bike warmed up a bit it seemed like the throttle response was improved somewhat.

i also have a 39 tooth sprocket coming soon, with the hope that it will make the sporadic highway run a little smoother.

so other than scaring the crap out of myself a few times, i'm pretty happy with my purchase.

tires may be next on the list of upgrades. these trailwings kinda suck in anything even vaguely deep, and i'm not good enough to compensate for them.
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