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Originally Posted by Lone Rider
Those 44 u-joints and axle ears will snap like a fresh pretzel, if you make use of that motor when in some hard stuff. Why didn't you go 60 front?
I've been in some hard rock crawling & the axle held up great, my front diveshaft on the other hand twisted & snapped. when I ordered my axles back around 96 a 60 rear 44 front was considered bulletproof up to a 38 inch tire combo. besides it was $7500 Canadian delivered to my door, kinda blew the budget. The guys at Dynatrac advised me on the 44 saying the 60 was overkill & much, much heavier, not needed for a lightweight jeep

I've got pics of that breakage day, but they're on my old puter & don't have a networking setup. No idea how to transfer images to my new one
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