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Originally Posted by Ruffus
I've been in some hard rock crawling & the axle held up great, my front diveshaft on the other hand twisted & snapped. when I ordered my axles back around 96 a 60 rear 44 front was considered bulletproof up to a 38 inch tire combo. besides it was $7500 Canadian delivered to my door, kinda blew the budget. The guys at Dynatrac advised me on the 44 saying the 60 was overkill & much, much heavier, not needed for a lightweight jeep

I've got pics of that breakage day, but they're on my old puter & don't have a networking setup. No idea how to transfer images to my new one
It all depends on what you do with it, really.
There's a big difference in the hardcore 4x4 world between 10 years ago and now, as you know.
The important thing is to know what you're capable of and to have fun with it.

Even an anvil has it's limits.
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