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Originally Posted by Lone Rider
It all depends on what you do with it, really.
There's a big difference in the hardcore 4x4 world between 10 years ago and now, as you know.
The important thing is to know what you're capable of and to have fun with it.
Even an anvil has it's limits.
actually its my daily driver. I used to have a 14 inchtravel coilover bistein setup, but it didn't handle highways well, noisy as hell with rod ends everywhere, but it had incredible articulation. expensive lesson, what may work great offroad may be a little iffy onroad, I drove it across the country pulling my jetboat (wifes bright idea) did some wheeling in Moab, then south, pick up wife in Vegas & head down to Cabo for a couple weeks then home again. I learned some things about compromise, hehehe just like riding a dualsport. My offroad excursion are few & far beween, I play in mud, & easy trails half the time & technical rock crawling the other half. soon as I'm able I will move the front axle 3 inches forward, when my driveshaft snapped I had them make me a 3 inch longer one, Ohhh & I'll let some air out of the tires nexttime, I was lazy & wanted to see what I could do with full street pressure 20 psi, I was impressed right up untill the snap, crackle, pop
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