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Originally Posted by Tim
Hi John, glad it's still all going well.

The side-on pic of you sitting on the bike makes it look really small, like a 250 or something like that. Are you a big guy or is it a small bike?

Edit - Answered my own question, I see in your first post that you're 6'1", 200 pounds. So, as you're bigish but not a monster, I'd say that the bike looks on the small side, I note also in that pic that your left foot is flat on the floor.
It's funny that Tim, I thought just the same on seeing the pic first time. I think when I put the off road wheels on that will raise the seat height a bit. The bike does not feel small but it does feel light, it is probably little too much static sag but is ok for me on the road.

Nice to get your input
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