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Originally Posted by John™
prototype mars explorer.

So I don't know much about jeeping. Answer me some questions:

Automatic or manual transmission?

Electric or hydraulic winch?

Electric winch seems to be the way to go. The new tech especially with the rock crawling machines they have now. They have some brutally mean winches.
Mine blew over the weekend I had a little 8000 that was a little overworked. I'm gona get a 9500 with rope rather than cable. 125' capacity.
I like the rope better for long pulls. Mostly pulling others. Haha. We rescued a guy last fall. The only winch point was up a steep cliff. Nice to have the lightweight rope rather than the heavy cable.
Some guys like the automatic trans. I like the manual more control. The guys that like the autos can rock them back and forth without working the clutch. Also less chance for clutch foot slip. I personally just like the gear ratio on the clutch. More choices.
Here's a place you don't want clutch slip.

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