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Originally Posted by viverrid
We had a rider on a DR-200 in yesterday's 3rd Annual Massachusetts Dualsport ride. I don't know if she did any of the Hero Sections, but then a lot of the 1200 GS bikes didn't either. It is ironic or sumthin' to see the 200 and the 1200s riding the same event.
With a good set of knobbies and the OEM 15:45 (or maybe a 15:47) final I would NOT hesitate to take the DR200SE anywhere in the dirt. It's chassis is not up to high speed trail blasting but in the tight technical stuff the torquey engine just climbs like a mule.

I currently have my bike more biased to the roadways using 15W fork oil and the shock preload set to max.

Yes, it is the truth; 15:42 final, 4500-4800 rpm cruise (which equates to 42-45mph) 280-290 miles before hitting reserve with stock engine. I'm not bashful about throttle use in accelerating to cruise. Klay, looks like you hit the same reserve point. I fill to the bottom to the filler neck.

I don't want to be misunderstood on this point but with the common advice out there for beginners to start with a 650 for general adventure touring I have to agree. I was fortunate to begin riding in the dirt and backroads on a 175 2 stroke but many others start in suburbia and need the ponies to be able to stay with and manage traffic. They need a MSF course and a solid well performing bike. A beginner with a small bike in heavy traffic could be a prescription for disaster.

Now to my point; I see the smaller machines as the relm of the experienced rider who have the skills and knowledge to manage whatever is presented, be it man or nature. They have come to the realization that bigger is not always better and are seeking other solutions for their adventure touring needs. Some of us call this Minimalist Touring. Thanks to all of you for your contributions.

Another great ride....
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