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Originally Posted by Nwgs

Thanks for the tip. After thinking about the winch rope and your input I decided against the winch rope. The times I have used the rope where weight is a concern are few. Also I have seen them bind and become hard to unspool. Well cable also but more on the rope.
Decided on this one. It will fit the my existing ARB bumper. Still plenty of cable length.
Those are good winches.
The only negative I can mention, if they haven't changed motors, is that they will 'run on' for a short time after releasing the control switch. It shows more when there isn't a load, like when you're winding by hand. Be especially careful if you're rewinding the cable outside the vehicle and signaling the guy inside the vehicle who has the control.

A tight cable will dig into loose lays/winds on the drum. This is the cause of binding when unspooling. It can be so bad at times that you need to hook to a tree or other anchor, and drive in reverse with the winch in free spool mode, jerking it free.

Rarely are things perfect during recovery, but if the vehicle gets ahead of the winch and is winding loose cable, it's always best to stop when possible, unspool and rewind by hand. This is when you can get mashed and kinked cable.
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