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1999 Dr350 Se

I just purchased a 1999 Suzuki DR 350 SE. this is the last year of the air cooled 350. Water cooled is great....unless you drop it and need to walk back home to replace $ your radiator.
I like it because it is light (650 is just to heavy for off road) and has good speed (250's are just to slow) and it has electric start.
I sold my old CR250 and CB550 to buy this bike.
Unlike most people I'm not looking to "Supe it up" with mods. It took me a long time to find a low mileage stock bike. I'll more than likely do most of my ridding on the road with some off-road ridding on the weekends.
I am looking for an original rack, I know they have been discontinued.
Also does anyone know if a kickstarter can be added onto this bike.
I will also look for a Suzuki shop manual. Does anyone know where to get these Items online.
The starter seems to really labor, espacially when hot. is this a common problem?
I would like to hear from anyone who knows about these bikes.

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