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I did took a trip over the weekend. Not a tour at all but the funnest little weekend trip ever. I admit, I took too much junk. Why bring a towel if you know there will be no running water? I brought a lot of stuff to share with the group. I could get by with a much smaller load if I was only packing for me. My strategy is to just get there and unload. Then PLAY!!

Getting there. Not much seat to sit on.

After dumping the bulky Mermite can and tent/sleeping bag at camp, its Playtime!

On the trail rides I kept the crate I am borrowing from Coca-Cola to hold a toolbag with 2 tubes, tools and a 12V air pump, and the 2.5 gallon gas can. The only thing in my backpack is my water bladder and the Colo. detailed map book.

After the weekend I packed a little better. On the back of the seat is a platform I made from scrap lumber. The Mermite rests on that and is strapped down. Tent is between the Mermite and my bum. The Coca-Cola crate sits perpindicular on that and is also strapped down as far back as possible. Sleep roll sits on top of the tent and Mermite. Tool bag and gas can fit in the crate. Backpack is tied and bungeed on top.

I use the sprocket ratio that Mr. Honda sold the bike with, 14/47. Mr. Honda knew what he was doing in 1982. I don't try to outsmart him.
It takes less time to do things the hard way than to be too nervous to even start at all.

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