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Puke Different Times

Originally Posted by WaywardSon
I agree completely. Today's kids have...and need...different skills than many of us did growing up. Most would call that progress. I remain impressed with our young author's skills and attitude.

Another difference that I find many parents today would allow their 16 yr. old child to embark on a trip of this nature? Not many I'd bet....that would probably get you arrested in Massachusetts
Different situation I know but in the 30's my great uncle John gave my uncle and dad a T model Ford. He had a Buick dealership in Nicholasville and my dad and uncle lived in the country so I guess he figured they would keep it on the farm. He was wrong.The boys decided it would be fun to see the Worlds Fair in Chicago! I don't have a lot of details but they went, called their worried parents from Illinois and made it home eventually.
The thing is my uncle was 14 and dad 12 when they did this. Probably had something to do with them being sent to military school after this.
They both were in the Army Air Corp in WW2. My uncle was a co-pilot on a B-24 and bombed Japan. My dad was a trained fighter pilot but Japan surrendered before he was shipped out.
Thats why I'm here.
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