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For Dads & Daughters

My daughter asked me a shocking question Saturday evening, " Dad, take me riding to these places you always talk about".

Let me expand this somewhat. My daughter has never had a great interest in motorcycles, and I have never pushed the issue. Sometimes she gets a little curious when I am in the garage working on one of the old bikes, but that is usually the extent of it.

Erica is now becoming a teenager, and sometimes Dad feels a little left out, so I seized the opportunity to spend some with her on the bike. Since the divorce eight years ago, and 50/50 custody, my weekends are usually filled with cheerleading, softball, and sleepovers. Add to this the rigors of teen blossoming, boys, cell phone, etc., I was very excited !

BTW- Some of the pics will be blurry to you, but very clear to me.

The true love of my life, Erica

Plenty of these signs during the day

Unique river rock abandoned store, that Erica thought was "neat"

Erica: "Will this bike go down beside that river ?"
Dad: "Sure it will"

We then headed towards an area called Mortimer, NC. Mortimer was a logging town around the turn of the century that was washed away by a large flood (in the 1920's/). A few buildings remain, including an old factory that was supposed ly one of the largest cotton mills in the southeast. Concrete remnants can be seen all along the river bottom where it stood. Part of the boiler room and some of the boilers are still intact, if you know where they are.

The Mortimer store, still in use

Erica:"can we see some waterfalls ?"
More gravel roads to waterfalls, in fact, the rest of the day was spent on gravel seeing waterfalls.

Time for a lunch break, MRE's under a rock ledge, in the rain. Best lunch ever !

Granfather Mountain & BRP Viaduct bridges

From Grandfather Mountain on to Linville falls

Down Old NC 105 to Wisemans View, these are all in the general area where the movie "Last of The Mohicans" was filmed.

Linville Gorge

Daddy's girl (last one, I promise)

Erica's back was hurting after six hours of riding, and it was one and a half hours home, so off we go ! When we arrived home she stumbled to her bed and stayed for the next four hours, back to typical teen life again.

This was the best ride a father could ever ask for ! So dad's, hang in there you might get lucky too !
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