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Originally Posted by GSWayne

It is typical to drill a hole in tubing assemblies and weld it shut at the end of the welding process? I didn't see any sign of this on the centerstand as it was orginally built with the tubes all sealed.
Yes, it is typical to drill a small vent hole then tack it shut and grind to finish. You probably wouldn't see it on a factory assembly because they finish it off or robotics and such may preclude the need. If the part fit-up is really good, you may have enough of a seal to cause problems right from the start. Condensed water could be present in the part even though it was sealed frm new. I might cut it again and do a more thorough cleaning internally. If you still have trouble, try it with stick or MIG because part of the problem could be the inability to back purge the weld with Ar for the TIG weld.

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