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Originally Posted by KLboxeR
Might want to double check cup size, electrode extension and ground while you're at it. Make sure you're not picking up contaminants from the wheel yuo're using to grind the electrode as well.......just some other thoughts.

Thanks for your ideas.

My electrode extension is about .25".

The cup size is about 3/8" diameter. I used a fairly small one because I had some fairly tight places to get into because the tubes met at an angle less than 90 degrees.

I checked my ground connection with an ohm meter because I was concerned about it, before I started welding and measured it <0.1 ohms.

I have been using the side of the grinding wheel to sharpen the electrode (to avoid contamination and to get straight scratches along the length of the rod) and then clean it off with 320 grit Silicon Carbide paper. I have not heard of using sandpaper on electrodes, but I could not justify a dedicated diamond wheel for the small amount of welding I do.
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