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Originally Posted by GSWayne
I was shortening my centerstand, and after grinding off the paint for about a inch around the area I was going to weld, and then wiping it down with Laquer thinner for good measure, I was having trouble TIG welding it. The puddle seemed to occasionally bubble and spark. I was using ER70S-2 welding rod, a Weldcraft WP-20 torch, 13N09 cup, a 1/16" Lanthanated tungsten, 15 CFH of Argon, a Thermal-Arc 185TSW set for 100A max current, DCEN and foot pedal control. Test welds on 1/8" mild steel seemed to be fine. It would seem like some kind of contamination but I don't know from what. Any clues as to what I was doing wrong?
Try using a gas flow rate of 25CFH of 100% Argon. Porosity is usually caused by contaminants like paint, oils, or water. Or your shielding gas is not protecting the molten metal.

Turn off any fans in the room and keep drafts away from where you are welding. Sometimes a gas regulator will give you a false reading. I would recommend a flow meter with the ball indicator for the best accuracy in gas regulation. Or if you are in doubt turn your gas flow up. Just be carefull not to crank up the flow rate too high or it will stir up the air around the weld and that will cause porosity problems also.
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