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Talking I Ownded one!

Hey Keef,

I had a Dommie for 2 years from 2004-2006.

It was only the second bike that I owned, my first was a little Suzuki GSX250F Across which I got my licence on.

They really are a fantastic bike and I think a lot of people overlook them.

My bike was a 1998 model with 10,000km on the clock, 2 years later I sold it with over 40,000km. I didn't have any major problems with it. Unfortunately I had to sell the old girl to move from AUS over to the UK to do a bit of travelling and I have been bikeless ever since

A couple of points about the Dommie I thought I would make:

Seat: by the end of a long days ride it really got bloody uncomfortable, it really cut into me.
Fuel Range: The 16L tank was a little bit small. I think about the most I got out of it was a tad over 300km. Would be nice if the tank was a bit larger. I know there are a few aftermarket tanks around that would fix that gripe.
Engine: I found it extremely strong and reliable, didn't have any problems with it, would go all day but towards the end it was drinking a ridiculous amount of oil. I have no idea why! I knew I was getting rid of the bike so I never looked into the problem. It was cheaper to just keep on topping it up.

You don't see many of them on the road these days! I had problems sourcing some parts a couple of times.

Would I buy another one? Probably not. I will be looking for another bike next year when I head back home to Aus, thinking about going down the KTM route at this stage.

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