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Bike Stand help

I tell you what this weekend I got tired of my bike leaning and working on the down side of it, so I went to Lowes grabbed two 3/8" anchers and I had two eye bolts, I mounted one on each side of my bike work area, they are about 8 feet apart, I centered the bike and put a strap on each side, bingo safe and secure working area. bike is upright, kids won't knock it over.

I just strap it down, slip a floor jack under it and up the rear goesm turn it around and strap it down and the front goes up,, real nice

Things I would change,, I would have spent more then just 3.00 on concrete anchors and gotten some of those floppy "D" rings they put on trailers, these eye bolts sticking 2" out of the floor are going to be a mess.
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