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Originally Posted by trav72
I've been a long time lurker here and just recently joined. I was going to start a new thread about my bike, me etc. But then I read this thread and it seemed like a perfect place for my first post. I'm a father of two girls...5 and 10. My oldest is quiet and reserved and my youngest is loud, head strong, and the daredevil of the two. But, when they both asked me for a ride the other day around the neighborhood I couldn't resist. Now they're hooked. My oldest wants to go with me all of the time. Of course I have to go out and get her some gear before that happens. My little one is relagated to sitting in front of me for little 5 mph rides down the block. All in due time.

btw - before people start yelling at me I'm (as well as passengers) usually ATTGATT.

The oldest

the youngest.

And welcome to the asylum.

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