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Good ideas with the magnets.....I use a couple different telescoping ones. One is tiny and extends about 14". Handy. The other is a bit bigger and flexible. Has saved many lost parts.

I have built up a really good set of misc. metric nuts, bolts and various OEM bits and pieces left over from the last 15 bikes or so. Japanese OEM stuff is very nice.

Since most of us don't have overhead lifts, many work on the garage floor. To save my knees I find the rubber squares that fit together indespensible. Costco sells them. Way better than carpet or light foam rubber. Great to stand on too...saves your legs.

Paint the place white. As I get older I have trouble seeing....even with a couple banks of decent Flo lights very close in. White walls and ceiling brighten things right up.

Got a bike or bikes you're not riding? Of course we all know its best to ride them at least once a month or so or at least every three months....but if you can't then storage is important. I kept some old Brit bikes about 15 years.
They made it out about once a year.

My method:
Add Marvel Mystery Oil to fuel and oil. Fill Oil to FULL.
Add Stabil to fuel, fill fuel tank.
Run bike for 20 minutes. Let cool.
Raise bike up on center stand or blocks.
Remove battery. (put on Battery Tender (s))
Lower tire pressure.
Walk away.

The Marvel and Stabil mean no draining of float bowls or tank. Make sure you have NO FUEL LEAKS. Carb internals do not gum up and crankcase moisture/corrosion is minimal. Internal parts are very well preserved.

My bikes would start on the 2nd or 3rd kick after sitting for a year. Works great.
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