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This is some good stuff..... lets keep it going....

Originally Posted by KLboxeR
Good tip.

I'll also take a digital pic of any complex assembly that I have to take apart if I think there will be questions when I reassemble. You can put the pic on the computer and zoom in on the parts in question to make sure you have things correct. Take many pictures from different angles and of all relative positions of the parts. If you don't need the pics, just delete them later.

I do this with any repair I haven't done too much and also with complex things that I have done a lot. Eisier to delete the pic if not needed than to kick yourself when it IS needed and you don't have it. I'll just carry my laptop to the garage with me to view the pictures. I'll also go to bike bandit or a similar site and print off the micro-fische drawing of the part I am working on so that I have a clear line drawing of what it is along with the pics.
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