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My .02 on TPS

The TPS (throttle position sensor) is a sensor located on the left throttle body which tells the Motronic the relative position of the butterfly trhottle plate that regulates de air intake, this allows the Motronic to calculate the adequate amount of fuel needed to achieve the 14:1 air/fuel ratio.

What the dealer computer reads it is basically the voltage at pin #1. If you pull down the rubber cap from the electrical connector on the sensor you will notice 4 wires. The wire closest to the rear (number 1 red/white) is effected
by throttle openings up to 1/8th turn. Baseline Voltage must be between .370 and .400 vdc. An incorrects TPS setting is tipically the cause of poor response, backfiring and surging.

It has been said that motorcycles operated at high altitude (4000 feet or more above sea level) benefit from settings closer to .370 and bikes operated at sea level should be adjusted closer to .400 vdc.

I live at 5000 ft. in Guatemala City and adjusted mine to .385 and it works great.

This adjustment asumes that the throttle cables are properly adjusted and the engine has been properly synchronized.

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