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Originally Posted by Charis

Great thread - I've learned a lot.

Just got a 2001 and the original owner installed a 16/40 sprocket combination so I can confirm it works pretty well hauling my lard ass around (6'1" / 200#). I'm not sure I'd like the stock combination much - ISTM it would wind up pretty tight pretty quick...

anyway, sprockets and chain are shot so any recommendations on where I can pick them up cheaply?

And the bike has 5k miles: should I anticipate replacing front brake pads and rear liners? TIA.
The front brake on the DR200 is pretty weak, so I squeeze it pretty hard a lot. I'm on my third front brake pad as a result. I have almost 11,000 miles on my DR200, so, at 5,000 miles, your bike may need the front pad replaced if it has been ridden hard on the street a lot. The rear liner still seems okay on mine.

I replaced the front sprocket with the stock Suzuki sprocket. I can't remember where I got the new chain, but it used a clip-type master link.

Now to the important part: You live in northwest Arkansas and you have a little dual-sport. You lucky guy. Have fun exploring in motorcycle paradise.
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