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New problem....

My 96 electric start is dead. No cranky...
Battery is good, the bike runs well after bump starting; just no crank.

I've only had the bike 6 mos, is this a 'common' problem ?

Do any of you bypass the clutch or sidestand interlocks? Is the starter relay a weak spot ?

Anyone have this before ?

I had the same problem with mine, a dr350, after I dropped the bike. The problem was

the wiring at the clutch lever, the safety cut-off.
To check this you can find your solenoid, behind the left side panel on my 350. The

solenoid will have 4 wires coming into it. A big one from the battery, a big one
going to the starter motor and 2 small ones. The solenoid is a switch that when
activated makes a connection between the 2 large wires sending current to the
starter motor
Take a small wire, say from a voltmeter and connect the 2 small posts together (with

the bike in neutral) this will bypass you starter button and all of the associated
wiring and safety switches. If the starter turns over then you have a break
somewhere in the wiring. Most likely at one of the safety switches i.e. at the clutch
or sidestand. It is a good idea to bypass both of these as they can cause problems
when you drop the bike away from home and damage the wiring.

Basically the way it works is the wire coming in to the solenoid from the battery is
hot. As is one of the smaller posts on the solenoid.
The small hot post has a wire connected to it that goes up to your on/off switch
from there the wire goes to your start button.
from there to the instrument panel(to determine if the bike is in neutral)
from there to the clutch lever
from there to the side stand
and from there back to the second small post on the solenoid
When everything is working correctly the current passes along this circuit from
the small hot post on the solenoid back to the second small post on the solenoid.
This completes the circuit and allows the solenoid to switch on. Which in turn allows
the current to run from the large hot wire from the battery thru the solenoid to the
starter motor. If one of your safety switches is not working correctly you have a
'break' in the circuit that will prevent the solenoid from kicking in.

Keep in mind that this is how I diagnosed my problem on a slightly different bike so

you may want to ask here for more detailed instructions from people who know
the dr200, but in principle they are the same thing(the dr350 and dr200)
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