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Hey, KTM640Dakar, thanks for doing this. I do a (little) bit of hobby welding on my 3200HD, and it's good to have more information available.

My question goes kind of goes back to some of the earlier posts in this thread, regarding extension cords and the like. I guess my basic question is: If I were to take heavy AC BX-protected wire, and build an 'extension cord' out of it, where would the drawbacks be for powering my welder?

I ask this because as it stands right now, I have a circuit breaker in my basement, tied to the mains. About 45 or 50 feet from this, at the end of another heavy gauge cable is a subpanel in my garage, with the 20 amp circuit breaker for the welder. However, it would, so far as I know, have been quite possible to make it a direct 50 foot run from the main panel to the outlet, right?

So how much harm would there be in having 30 or 40 feet of, say, 12 gauge solid-core wire in between one outlet and an extension outlet?

The REAL reason I want to know is that I have a swing set with steel tube legs in the backyard, maybe 40 feet from my garage. Due to an unfortunate landscaping incident, one of the legs has a big chunk of metal missing, and I'd like to weld a sleeve over it... I've been extremely reluctant to even try using an extension cord, but I can't help thinking about the fact that there are many hundreds of yards of copper wire between my outlet and the actual power source already.
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