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Newbie questions


I did look through most of the Q&A here so I'm sure my questions are already answered somewhere. But, what the hell:

Q1: If I get a smugmug account (for example), do I still have the 160K limit per pic if I use the IMG button instead of attaching the photos?

Q2: If I use smugmug, can I use the IMG button to link to short videos as well? My little Canon A80 make decent, low-res videos that often say a lot more in 5-30 seconds of video than a million pics.

Q3: If I get a smugmug acct, any recommendations on which one? I don't see how I could go beyond the capabilities of the Standard account for $29.95/Yr but am more worried about the possible number of hits, bandwidth, etc..

I've got lots of decent pics from my last trip to Copper Canyon and have another trip coming in March 04 where I hope to take my D100 and have even better pics.


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