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"Roy just came in the house holding a Roman Battle Shield..."

Outfitting the new R1200 GS for the Alaska run with Sparks, and I ordered 2 skidplates from Ernie. Anxiously waited for the USPS to deliver them from Minnesota, and they arrived on Saturday.

I opened the box and !WOAH!! These are magnificent examples of engineering and CRAFTMANSHIP. So well thought out, and install was a breeze, maybe all of 10 minutes.

I had come in from the garage to show Jenny, who was on the phone with a sister, and she made the title observation :

"Roy just came in the house holding a Roman Battle Shield..."

That is a pretty good description of the engine skidder.

As a post script, Ernie called me on Wednesday, just to make sure I had received the plates and was happy with them. We chatted for a while, and found much in common (guitars, etc.) He truly is an artist with these skidplates, and a genuinely quality human! You will not be disappointed in purchasing.

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