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Yes, the stockers are WP pieces (noticed when I was scouting the upgrade). I do appreciate the Ohlins, but right now I'm leaning toward waiting until I notice some degredation of the stockers or encounter some situation where I think the Ohlins would be "that much" better. Hopefully, this situation isn't one where I'm sliding along the pavement toward a ditch .
I am going to splurge on new tires. Again, the stock Trailwings only have 6k miles on them, but the rear is getting a little flat in the center and they are at least 3 years old. Plus, they pale (IMHO) in comparison to the Tourances I've run in the past. [Good bang for the buck here!] I've been having fun sliding my SM bike around, but my GS squirms a bit without trying. I've got a set of Tourance EXPs on the way. [Sorry, Hijaaked my own thread.]
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