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Originally Posted by Ed@Ford
DIRTBAG:I just did those screens. Like Buffalo Dan said, the one next to the shift shaft will have crap...and it did, black, orange and metal. One on the clutch side was spotless. Wasn't too hard to do but was unnecessary. There was something that shoulda been torqued in the clutch side...but I forgot what. Put in 20W50 non synthetic. Will run for 500 miles or so. I'm an old fashioned guy who believes in break in oil. Will go to 15W50 Mobil 1 @ 1000 miles.

MOTOMETAL: Now I understand. I did something different. A button head M6 with a double nut to space it out. Same thing.

Someone mentioned a little "bumper" (part # 8000-67970) on the air cleaner cover was missing. In the parts book they specify only 3 are required. Looking at the cover it sure looks like a 4th is required. I found these little rubber nipples at work and added one...cut down so it keeps the plastic stud from trying to rub a hole in the foam. Any opinions on this fix?

Finally, although I am incompetent at posting pictures, I came up with an auxiliary 1.5 gallon fuel tank that mounts on the rack. I replaced the rack with a plate, added the bracket to mount the tank horizontally. go to and look for the 1.5 gallon fuel tank in the ATV stuff. Got the tank cheap from but had to pay full book for the bracket from Kolpin. Still came to under $60. I followed all the threads on the big tank. Had one on order. Was not satisfied by all the negative comments about fuel lines, fit, alignment etc of the big tank. This is an alternative....or a means for the REAL LOOOONG distance riders to pack even more gas!
I'm with you! I also plan on adding some sort of rack tank for longer rides. As far as oil goes I prefer break in oil, then I have had real good luck with Motul, or any ester based oil. As far as suspension goes I don't quite understand why so many people think its' too stiff I'm 175lbs with gear and really like to have stiffer springs, seems every other bike I've had I need to get stiffer springs....not on the TE. Maybe its the hard desert riding, or the rocks I seem to always slam into, or 4' rolling whoops.
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