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Originally Posted by rockchucker22
I'm with you! I also plan on adding some sort of rack tank for longer rides. As far as oil goes I prefer break in oil, then I have had real good luck with Motul, or any ester based oil. As far as suspension goes I don't quite understand why so many people think its' too stiff I'm 175lbs with gear and really like to have stiffer springs, seems every other bike I've had I need to get stiffer springs....not on the TE. Maybe its the hard desert riding, or the rocks I seem to always slam into, or 4' rolling whoops.
just seems like with 12" of travel, I shouldn't be jarred by those sharp edged lead-ins to bridges, pot holes, and the like. I'm sure break in will help. The accepted rule on rear sag, is that you want close to 1/3 travel (4"), without too much sag just from the bike's weight alone. The spring would be bouncing around in there loose by the time I got 4" out of mine. I don't fault the bike for that, the stock springs always work for someone, maybe just not me in this case.

Dan-FWIW, my dealer said "don't bother" on the right side screen. I may still do it anyway, I don't mind spinning wrenches as long as it's for good cause. I suppose a chance i'll tear the gasket and have to order one.
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