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regarding sliding the forks up in the clamps, on all bikes, I move them up until it gets twitchy, and go from there. If it's an off road only bike and i'm willing to deal with some headshake now and then to make it corner better, then there's my setting. If it's a DP bike or street bike, I lean more towards stability...but still...on my XRL I ended up lowering the front end a bunch (I actually shortened the suspension, I wouldn't have been able to slide the forks up in the clamps far enough to get it to handle to my liking).

this really comes down to a personal preference thing, but every rider shouls experiment with this setting, as it makes a huge difference in the personality of the bike. If you have ever noticed how much better a bike turns a tight corner if you put your nuts on the gas cap, this is mostly just because the weight transfer is compressing the forks and making the steering angle steeper.

I've found the 610 has something about it that just feels right in turns on the pavement. Off road, I haven't been able to really explore this trait much due to the Karoos.
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