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Originally Posted by Dingo Joe
it's a trans regional thread useful for planning stops along the way or even final destinations. It could also be useful for folks that find themselves in a strange town without any knowledge of what to do. Goto library, get on Internet/ADVrider search Trip Planning + %city% = fun stuff to do...
You will get the same results displayed in the same format whether you search at the forum or thread level.

I think the problem is expecting everybody to type it in here all over again. I know what I would be looking for are the tidbits that have been accumulated for over five years in the other forums, like maybe something that Goonie or Poser had found or done.

You can't expect them to key it in again, plus, why would you want to start from scratch. Maybe what could do here is provide some query instructions or pointers for the users to show them how to search for it in the other forums
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