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Originally Posted by geode
I've never imagined folks would retype stuff to have it here. A list of links, sorted by topic matter / state / country / whatever-division-seemed-appropriate would accomplish the same thing.

If there was a list of links, then anyone who found a good thread could post a link when they came across something good, which could then get transferred to the OP of the thread.

Maybe I'm wrong?
I think a master index is a good idea, if that's where you are going, but not of static links to posts - more of search criteria, that's where Goggle makes it's money as well.

Hypothetical situation where I post a link to a three year old golden nugget and bring it to folks attention about a neat place to get something fixed or stay. Others locally post problems with new management or going out of business in a another thread, but by using the static link, the guy planning his trip never finds it, unless he's smart enough to do a search because he doesn't trust me or realize that it's old data.

A classic example is a certain camp ground in North GA. Over time, you will find the reputation evolve, just like many businesses. Posting a link to a search lets the user know about whatever your interested, but gets the most up to date info from everywhere. Just rambling here, but do you think that would be a decent approach?
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