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Wicked ADVRIDER round the world mascot relay?

Now heres a thought. Be pretty cool if we bought a small mascot. Something like a stuffed toy etc (although it would have to be pretty tough) and then all ADV riders simply passed it on from one trip to the next trip to see how many places the mascot could go to. If this has already been done, please let me know the thread... Sort of a Relay like the olympic flame...

Couple of rules/guidelines....
- All people carrying the mascot must be an member.
- The mascot must ride by bike where possible. Obviously there may be a few plane/boat trips in there from country to country.
- the riders must record how many K's the mascot has done during their part of the relay.
- All ADV riders who carry the mascot must add there comments and photos to the ever growing trip report.
- All photo's posted MUST include the mascot...

just a tought. Anyone want to add something, any ideas???? I wonder if we could get it around the world and I wonder how many different hands it can be passed to.
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