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Originally Posted by pilot
That really is a good idea when you can do it. On long trips, just staying in touch with family and friends works pretty well, too. My SO likes to keep track where I'm staying while on the road, makes it faster to do a search if I don't check in often enough.
I do that with LR, too. He'll PM me or call me and tell me where he's headed. Even if it's just a general direction from where he's at, at the time, is better than nothing.

A database of phone number would be a nice idea, but if you're overseas or in another country, that could prove tough if you couldn't get to a phone, nor have access to the net or are injured in the hospital. Sat phones are ridiculously expensive and I doubt many people can afford to carry them.

I was at the SEMA show last year and talked to a few guys next to the Garmin booth. They were showcasing a product that attaches itself to the GPS(currently Garmin, then) and tracks the persons route which can be viewed on a server at every minute of the day. That would be helpful for traversing lowly populated areas or dangerous cities... the person viewing could tell where/when they stopped and for how long they'd been there(provided the device was left on). You can also talk(send messages) to the person via text through the GPS.


Seems now they've made Garmin products equipped with the software.
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