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Picking the right mascot and rules...

So GazzaFish, you are in a good line of thought with the croc/alligator. The mascot should depict the true character of an adventure rider, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, proclivities, etc... And doesn't necessarily have to be an animal, it could be an idea, a thing, a person even...

We could set it up as a mission with a goal and certain rules for example:

-Ride the mascot around the world in a timely fashion, hitting all 7 cont. and places where there are ADVrider members.
- A lead rider will set-up the local ride from Syndney to melbourne for example and then pass it along to the next advrider (set-up ahead of time), getting it to Perth will be fun!!
- Establish the route BEFORE it starts and keep it on a timeline. Collect money so that shipping cost isn't the burden of the folks who have to mail it to the overseas place.

A goal could be, having it end in the Middle East region to promote world wide peace there. Showing that a culture as ours spans the globe, across many countries, customs, religions, peoples, etc...

Maybe we should set-up a committee??
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