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Originally Posted by spagthorpe
The gel stuff seems to work okay in some applications. I don't see anything on it though, that says what version of Loctite it is, so it may not work for all applications. Say you need 243 for the oil resistance for example. I mean, I'd use the gel on handguard bolts, but wouldn't trust say, the bolts holding my clutch together.
The gel isn't Loctite. It's another brand and I haven't used it.

243 is an oil tolerant blue medium strength threadlocker which doesn't require you to shake it up like the older technology 242 blue threadlocker.

Oil tolerant only refers to the materials ability to work well on as-received lightly oiled threaded fasteners. This product would also work well on fasteners you use that might be oily and you don't feel like cleaning and degreasing the threads before reusing them (which you shouldn't do anyway but we all do)

I like the 248 Sticks better for some applications but the liquids are useful in other applications. Just think of these products as different tool.

If the product is blue, it'll behave just like 242 blue threadlocker-very similar breakloose and prevailing loosening torques.

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