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Originally Posted by moragabiker
Hi Guys,

Thanks for your excellent advice on how to set up my '07 525 EXC -- I recently returned home from a 3 week, 3400 mile dual sport vacation through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California. We posted the story and lots of photos in the ride reports forum at

I typically ride my KLR 650 on long rides. This is the first time that I used the KTM on an extended ride. It performed flawlessly. However, it does chew up tires quickly (I went through 3 rear tires on this trip). And, it took a few tries to find a comfortable seat (don't use the stock seat or a Corbin seat on a long-distance ride unless you are wearing padded bicycle shorts and abundant amounts of an anti-friction product called "Bodyglide").

Key modifications for this trip included:
  • Enduro Engineering tall seat with soft foam (I started with a Corbin seat, but replaced it with a more comfortable EE during the trip)
  • Rear "cush" wheel (built by Woody's Wheel Works)
  • Acerbis gas tank (6.6 gallon)
  • Scott's Steering Stabilizer
  • Continental TKC80 tires (I prefer size 140/80-18 for the rear)
I scheduled service appointments along the way to have my valves adjusted, oil changed, tires changed, etc. By the way -- the guys at KTM of Grand Junction Colorado provided extremely prompt, high-quality and friendly service. Thanks Guys!

After "living" in the saddle of this bike for 3 weeks in a row, I can say that it is an incredibly versatile and fun bike! It will crawl through tough single-track sections at 15 mph, and it will gobble up two-track dirt roads at 80+ mph. And, it will go places that are "off limits" to my KLR.

Thanks again for all of your helpful set-up advice!
Here's an update on how my 07 525 EXC is doing as an adventure tour bike -- We just completed another 2500 mile trip with the bike (photos are posted here )

The bike now has about 7000 miles on it. It is still the best adventure bike I've ever owned (especially in terms of fun and performance). Other than routine mainenance, I've experienced only two minor mechanical issues: (a) the front wheel bearings needed to be replaced at 5000 miles, and (b) the water pump seal began leaking at about 6000 miles. Otherwise, the bike has performed flawlessly!


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