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You won't have any problems along the main ice road to Fort Providence over the Mackenzie or to some of the other hamlets around there. We did it in the car a year or so ago no problems.

Coming back was a little hairy, I wasn't finished my work in YK, so we got the 12 hours notice till closure. Wife had the bags packed, threw the kids in the car and went for it. No way was she camping out in YK for another month till break up was finished.

By that time the road is covered in a foot of slush, and starting to rot out. An older Dene couple went before our Passat to act as a guide to find the potholes under the slush. Every now and then one of the wheels on the jacked up 4x4 they were driving would DISAPPEAR 3/4 of the way up, wooo, steer around that one, keep going.

SWMBO said she only took a couple of breaths the whole way across
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