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Originally Posted by epolac
Hi All!
Most of ya don't know me, so I'll introduce myself real quick . My name is Cesar, I live in White Plains, and as of tomorrow the 24th I'll start commuting to the Bwonx. I have a 2000 KLR650. I don't know if I should commute on the bike or if I'd be better of in my cage.
Tips? suggestions? nifty back roads to avoid traffic jams?

Thanks to all beforehand for your replies and I look forward to see you on the road or get a ride together on the weekend
If you're coming from WP to the Bronx then the best semi-senic road is the Bronx Parkway. There really isn't any alternative route that will lead you to any nice roads which aren't congested. the Sawmill is nice as well and the other is the hutch but both of those are more expresway-like than the BX Pkwy.

Where in the Bronx will you be? I'm in Morris Park.
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