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Originally Posted by TengaiJohn
Why, you need a ride? I'm gonna have to start charging you guys

Really, what's going on saturday? 2 for 1 hookers at Newark???
Chanderjeet is coming into Newark Sat night with a layover of a few hrs, figured a few of us could meet him there, get an early breakfast or late dinner.

Originally Posted by TengaiJohn
Community Market: used to be much nicer before they remodeled it.

I'd like to have a little get together one night at home, we can ride during the day and light up the fire pit at night.

Lemme know who is interested.
was afraid I wouldn't be able to try out my Kermit chair outdoors before the winter. Will this be a campout?

Originally Posted by RoadDawg
I agree, but I would add that if you're not used to driving in rush hour traffic and don't know exactly where you're going, you might want to first use the cage for a week or 2. That way, you'll have a little less to worry about when you start dodging the yellow menace and trolling for parking on your KLR. Plus, you'll be that much more satisfied when you start using the bike to split lanes past all those caged animali on your way to work.

But what do I know, I take the subway to work
Is that because the bike is still apart? You can use my hawk until it's fixed or until you get a new one.
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