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Originally Posted by rogerdodger
Wow, great thread. Is there a reason some are in national dress and traditional hair and others are westernized?
Most Himba's and Herero's are strong on tradition and culture, only some girls think it's okay, but luckily the majority still stick to their tradition, but the western influence is creeping in every where. Especially the younger generation will try the rapper style look.

There's no TV there, where they get the info from and why it makes them feel good dressing like that is a mystery, we could not ask because we could not understand each other.

The girl you see dressed in the western clothes, had a boyfriend in Namibia and he told her to loose the Himba dress and get western clothes. Well that's what we could gather anyway.

Things don't happen fast this side of the world, TV's, Shopping Mall's and Starbucks are not part of the daily progress. The moment it's open for big tourism it's done for Angola, then you will only see western influence. But that said tourism is big in Namibia and they Himba Herero tradition are still strong there.
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