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I never thought of that!

[quote=BlueLghtning] The other thing they focused on several times other then the wave you talked about earlier was how bad it was for trucks to sit and idle on the ice due to the engine vibrations making cracks. But then several times in the show, someone would wipe out (Charlie's Hill or other portages) and block the road in both directions and you would have multiple trucks that would get backed out onto the ice sitting there for hours running. It just seems that wasn't as big as a threat as they made it out to seem since 100+ trucks sitting on the ice didn't fall through after a couple hours, then that seems pretty good to me! LOL

Wow - I always wondered why they were so keen that we don't stop on the ice, but I'd always assumed it was just because there was a chance (however minimal) that the ice would happen to give way. I never heard of idling causing vibrations that crack the ice, but why not? It also seems highly unlikely, but then people do go through for no apparent reason (like Gary in 2004), so maybe they have a point. Stopping on the ice never bothered me (other than that if I were caught Security wouldn't be happy with me!), but maybe it should in the future! You have to think, that ice is a good thickness and any vibration would surely be deadened by the tires, but heck - I've been wrong before. And yes, when someone spins out there are a few people that are sometimes caught out on the ice. Word usually goes back over the radio pretty quickly so that people can stop on the portage they're on, or the one they're heading toward if it's not already full, but generally these things never last long. I don't think I've been held up for more than an hour, but I could just be lucky too. Thanks for bringing that to my attention - I'll have to find out more.

Here's a pic of me stopped on the ice on the way back from Lupin. Mom's the word!

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