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Hey Rockinxj and RDJEFF. Welcome aboard, and yep - dig out those pics, I'd love to see them!

Today's pics are a hodge-podge (whatever that is!)

A view from the cab

Although quite why I took a pic of what is basically a box of tissues, I don't know.

Here's dynamite being unloaded at Diavik.

People say, "You hauled dynamite? Isn't that dangerous?" Why? What's it going to do - get hot and explode?

Having unloaded a set of trains worth of prill at BHP.

I hate hauling that shit. They always stick that top layer of bags on (see pic of Western Star in earlier post) and you spend the whole trip worrying that they're going to fall off. It may take 45 mins to wind all these straps back up again, but at least you know you're going to go and have a good meal then either sleep or head home again afterwards.

This is me trying to take an interesting shot. What makes it cool to me is that it is on the Lupin road, so this is very near the arctic circle.

I was thinking of something poetic to say about the arctic sun, but I won't embarrass myself.

No comment (for the same reason).

This is the cab of the Western Star, probably of no interest to anyone whatsoever, but there you go.

And this is the Resources Wildlife and Economic Development (RWED) station that we pass by at the southern end of the road. These guys check that the private hunters are behaving themselves with regard to tag limits, proper disposal of carcasess etc.

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