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Originally Posted by nsx
Marcjs sold me his Motard, and he was only selling one. I rode it back to Oak Ridge from Chicago, not exceeding 4k because it had less than 100 miles when I left. It had the "bottom end power delivery problem" that John in Leeds has commented on his having. It seems, at least on mine, the problem extends into the midrange.

Marcjs has been talking to people at Highland and also the British importer, and is getting new programs for the computers. He was also advised to get rid of the airbox and the cats (not by Highland.) I completely removed the air filter, a K&N, by the way, and the bike ran much better. It's now sitting waiting for the new map. Despite the problems, I love riding the bike but am starting to wonder if I'll be able to get it to run right.
Hi NSX, I thought this thread had died so I have just been riding and enjoying my Outback and not keeping up to date.

I can't believe that you have to remove air filter and cats for decent performance with the standard map. Unfortunately we don't have access to cheap analysis systems although Marcel may have something. FWIW I don't think I will ever get rid of the roughness under 3000 rpm until the twin inlet or the modified inlet development is complete. I await that eagerly but don't expect any real progress till next year. I do know someone however who has ridden the development twin inlet model and was told it runs from idle like a sewing machine even with a development map (great for cruising).

As my bike pulls like a train from 3000 and under load smooths out less than that I find it is only a problem with posing round town and viewing the scenery. As soon as I can get going all is great with stonking power through to 8000. I have to sit on the tank to prevent wheelies when on a mission and find the top speed is much, much faster than I have the balls for on a high off roader. Right round the clock and still pulling hard, until I get seriously humiliated by a similar bike this will do fine.

Further the performance on bumpy back roads is a revalation with astonishing levels of stability and as set up gives a comfy 'old mans' ride with the wheels keeping far better contact with the ground than other bikes that ride with me.

As you have bought the motard, you are likely to have the shorter stiffer suspension and need power at the top end together with sharper braking. Top speed should be easier to handle with greater stability on smooth tarmac particularly under extreme braking and acceleration. I think on road the motor will feel a little breathless against sports bikes at the top of the rev range but just remember the Highland was designed as a very fast off road capability bike, it's quality being amazing torque and light weight. I haven't seen anything else like it.

Best of luck with the motard and I hope you have just half the fun that I am having. If you need more info feel free to pm me


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