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That pisses me off!

Shit. I had been typing for ten mins or so answering questions, then I don't know what I did but suddenly my browser shut itself down and I lost everything. And it wasn't just about the ice - I had revealed the secret to eternal life and the basics of alchemy too. Oh well, now you'll never know.

Well, I also said 'hello' to Klay, galute, Peter-Denmark and 'nice to see you again' to kootenaykid. Kkid -I don't know about passengers, dude. I was always told no way jose, not under any circumstances. But there are circumstances - obviously cameramen and journalists have been passengers, and then the last season I drove my boss said he had his own insurance and that we could take a girlfriend (or someone else's girlriend ) along for a ride. That bit about some else's girfriend is a joke. Kind of - one of his guys was always painfully slow and we'd forever have to stop and wait for him to catch up, which or course pissed us off no end. In the end we all tried to lose him so that he'd have to run with someone else...but the point is that he did bring his girlfriend along on one trip. I suggested that the truck in front carry his girlfriend instead, then he'd be chasing us up and down the road and guaranteed to keep up!

Peter-Denmark, you have to speak to Canada Immigration, not me. There are foreign guys on the road, but I don't know whether they live here or not. Sometimes in Canada it's hard to find anyone who was actually born here (ha! little in-joke there!) but I can't really talk 'cos I emigrated myself from The Mother Land. Can I be immigrant-ist if I'm one myself? Does that make me qualified to speak on the issue, or a huge-ass hypocrite? Sorry I can't help you. Edit: you know what, there is one thing I can suggest. PM on the way...

Klay - better than the TV show? Wowzers, thanks dude! My DVD still hasn't turned up from the History Channel yet. I checked my mail yesterday (usually only do so once a week), but perhaps it'll be an excuse to take the KLR to the Post Office during the week. is snowing right now and it's supposed to be -6c tonight so I might have to put the old girl away instead.

galute - thanks for the kind words.

And I have a question for you guys - what does it mean when someone says YMMV to you in a post? I have a horrible feeling it isn't nice.

Today's pics...let's see what I uploaded.

Hmmm...that looks like a truck. What's next?

Ok, the more observant among you will have noticed that in every shot of this Freightliner, the front bumper is definitely not as it should be. Is it possible that someone fell asleep on Mackay Lake and went into the snow bank? Sadly, yes, but that's a story for another day. What troubles me is that there appear to be no surviving shots of the rig before the unplanned side trip off the road!

That's us stuck up at Diavik again. Mine's the fourth nose from the camera. Ugliest truck on the road? Pretty close, I'd think!

Another 'heartbreaker' sign.

Ok, that's a blowout - cordoned off for good reason! Sometimes they just appear, and on a wide stretch of road like this you can just stay away from them. I wonder if they're really that dangerous - but not so much that I plan on testing one!

A lone caribou. This one had been slipping and sliding on the ice coming towards us before it went into the snow. I have a pic of a herd of 'em somewhere, and will post it later.

And today's last entry:

An Atlas Copco underground loading shovel I took to Diavik. There's a name for these things, but I can't remember what it is. I called it a 'pooper-scooper'. I took a pic of the inside of the cab, too, and will dig that out one day.

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