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I think these things are coming back from a nostalgia point of view. I have had mine for 10 years now and bought it in 1997 as my 1980's dream bike (1986 XL600R). I was in high school and college 84-92 and saw these things new- they were freakin awesome. When Honda pulled the plug after '87 and then came out with the NX650 I was like, what were they thinking???
I for one believe the 80's were Honda's glory days. They had it all right from off road to MX. Suzuki is today, what Honda used to be. They stole the product line.
Back in '02 I put my bike up for sale for $1000. I had knuckle heads calling me and wanting me to GIVE them the bike. Other ones called wondering what kind of car it was.
I am loosely planning a one way adventure ride for my XL600. I want to ride it till it blows up, dremel off the VIN and roll it off a cliff. Kinda like Thelma and Louise. Then, i will go get a new DR650SE- paint it red, white and blue and call it a Honda.
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