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Thanks for the explanation, Klay - I feel better knowing I wasn't being insulted without even knowing it!

Howdy treysmagma! The Texas heat - man I was reading kaneman's thread over the summer and some of the temps he posted - yikes. I've become accustomed to these cooler climes, I think. Anything over 25c and I'm out for the count! But I did get to go for a short ride today, between snowshowers...

I was going to write more than I will, but I got to reading that 'Rude Fools' thread and became hooked. I have some pics, and will write more another day.

That cabin you can see on the left of the road is the RWED station that the sign a couple of posts back belongs to (does that make any sense?) The sign is on the right of the road there.

Pink snow? I only heard about the yellow stuff...

Now this looks like it might hurt...

These are my friends Reg and Charlie. Reg is going to sell me his truck for the '09 season, I hope. He wants to buy a real one (the one he's selling is a Sterling)!

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