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Hey everyone. I'm not sure if this information is somewhere else on the forum, but since posting in tha in the t "buying a
3. 72 hours before you are going to bring the bike into Canada, you have to have the original ownership of the bike delivered to the "Export Control" division of US Customs (NOT Canadian Customs) at the border where you will be crossing. They need this time to make sure the title is clear and legitimate and that the bike is something that is allowed to be exported. You will need the seller of the bike to send the original (not a copy), to you or direct to the border. Likely you will have had to pay for all or most of the purchase price to get them to do that.

Are you sure about the original copy of registration being needed for the U.S. Customs export team? I just brought a bike over, and a copy was perfectly fine.
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I'm not sure of anything about the process. I think the whole thing's a crapshoot and I bet if I did it 5 times it would go differently each time. I'm just saying what happened to me. The agent I spoke to over the phone said it had to be an original, so that's what I provided. I'm sure there are some agents or crossings where they'll take a copy. If I learned anything it's that this process depends on the individuals you deal with at the border. :)

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