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Originally Posted by porterdog
What's the story with the purple ones?
Don't eat the purple threadlocker!

Purple threadlocker is 222MS Low strength removable. It has the lowest breakloose and prevailing torque of all of our threadlockers.

Consider using 222 if you're using a small allen wrench, a 1/4" wrachet, a phillips or flathead screwdriver, a nut driver, small jewler's screwdrivers, or are a watchmaker.

Were would you use it? Small nuts and bolts, screws on the temple pieces on eyeglasses, small set screws, etc.

We developed it for Bausch & Lomb (sp?) way back when to help them lower their warranty claims on their eye glass frames falling apart from loosening fasteners.

The only place I've ever used 222 on my bike is on the wire terminal screws when I mounted the centec fuse block.

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